Our Story

Meet Melissa

PrettyBabe Cosmetics is about women empowerment through self-love and inner beauty. Everyone is beautiful in their own, unique ways and we should not be subjecting ourselves to comparisons.

I have always known that I wanted to start a small business driven by something important to me. Growing up, I've dealt with self-love, confidence, and self-esteem issues. I found that many girls and women suffer from the same things. We end up projecting those experiences and put each other down, whether in person or online.

When COVID hit, and the use of social media soared, it became extremely apparent that these kinds of issues were amplified again. I did quite a bit of social listening. I noticed that women are comparing themselves to each other even more now, especially about how they’re doing during this difficult time.

Due to all of this, starting Prettybabe Cosmetics was very important to my two daughters and me. I created this brand to remind both girls and women that they deserve unconditional love, no matter what and that we are all beautiful in our own, unique ways. My products represent self-love, women empowerment, and something that we can all identify with. It’s a brand to reinforce the importance of building each other up, striving for goals, disregarding the societal and media standards of womanhood, and simply becoming who we want to be.


Our Products


Here at PrettyBabe Cosmetics, we offer a wide variety of products. Unlike our name may suggest, we do have more than just cosmetics! Some of the other products we offer include:

  • Bath & Body Products
  • Skincare
  • Hair Care
  • Treats


Whether you are looking for face creams, body butters, body washes, to gummy bears, we sell almost everything you heart could desire! Feel free to take a look at our products and see what we have to offer! :)