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Botanical Liquid Matte Foundation with SPF 30

Botanical Liquid Matte Foundation with SPF 30

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Our Luxury PREMIUM quality Long Lasting Oil Controlling Matte, Liquid concealer foundation. This foundation is packed with pure 300mg of pure Botanical extracts that will not clog pores, corrects and prevents signs of aging , due to it being 100% all natural organic ingredients made to order once you try it you will definitely never go back to buying foundation from big companies that have it sitting on there shelves for who knows how long. This foundation has a 12 months shelf life after opening. We will be more than happy to send you samples for you to colour match yourself.  Samples are listed in the bottom for $25, we will send you 15 different shades and it comes just like the picture below.


* Premium Glass Bottle (Frosted Glass Finish)

* Oil controlling Matte

* Covers Fine Lines and Wrinkles

* Long Lasting

* Natural and Flawless and Brightens appearance of skin

* Full Coverage

*Provides Seamless, Flawless Camouflage in Ultra Smooth Finish

*Corrects and Perfects Imperfections such as uneven skin tone and under eye circles

* Moisturizing

* 100% All Natural 

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