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Botanical Anti-Aging Roll on Serum

Botanical Anti-Aging Roll on Serum

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Our Organic Anti-Aging Roll on Serum is a perfect step to add to your night time skin routine. With each swipe, noticeable fine lines and wrinkles will begin to vanish while also brightening and repairing the surface layer of your skin, with continuous use. Our special blend of 100mg organic botanical ingredients makes for an amazing all natural way to get rid of those pesky lines.

How to use:

Apply directly to a freshly cleansed face to areas of the face where you notice fine lines and wrinkles.

Can also be applied proactively to areas of the face where fine lines and wrinkles would appear with age. 

A friendly reminder to always patch test skincare products before applying to a large surface area of the skin. If the skin becomes irritated, discontinue use immediately. 

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