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PrettyBabe's Skincare Bundle

PrettyBabe's Skincare Bundle

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Morning & Night Routine:

Cleanser:  Charcoal Face Cleanser

Toners:    Vitamin C Toner, Micro Essence Rosewater

Serums:  Eye Serum, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C Serum, Turmeric Brightening                               Serum, High Impact Facelift Serum 

Creams:  Face Firming Cream, Rosewater Moisturizer

Bonus:   You will also receive a PrettyBabe Spa Head Wrap and our 3in1 Makeup                          Primer! 

All products are 100% All Natural, Vegan and made with Pure Botanical Extracts

~Happy Self Lovin' ~


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