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Botanical Bath Truffle ( Chocolate Covered Strawberry )

Botanical Bath Truffle ( Chocolate Covered Strawberry )

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Bubble Bath Truffles, Also known as Bath Scoops, are a super moisturizing bath melt and fun bubble bar combined!

SIZE: 1oz About a cookie scoop size but are packed with nourishing butters and packs a great punch of scents amazing smelling delightful scoops that look like ice cream some have sprinkles , some have drizzle over them.

Every scoop is made with only the best Botanical 100% natural ingredients Mango butter, Cocoa butter, Shea butter, baking soda, citric acid some may have sugar sprinkles on them each one contains 50mg of pure botanical extracts. 

Enjoy by placing your scoop in the mesh bag it comes with hang it from your tubs faucet letting the warm running water melt it into your bath creating bubbles and an amazing fragrance. This will help with joint pain , insomnia , tight mussels , restless legs, relaxation . Once you try one you will be hooked !!!!

ATTENTION !!!!!  These are not the same as a bath bomb .... These are meant more for SUPER EXTRA MOISTURIZING the skin, due to the amount of nourishing butters used when making them. They fizz a little but should be held under running water to get the full effect of this delightful bath truffle.


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