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PrettyBabe Cosmetics

Botanical Lip Plumping Gloss

Botanical Lip Plumping Gloss

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Hey Ladies !! Want fuller, plumper, soft kissable lips ?

Then this is a must have , this lip plumper does it all and is 100% all natural organic ingredients with 50mg pure botanical extracts that go deep down into the last layer of your skin to soften and gives life back into your cells with our unique blend of ingredients that not only works ! But creates a barrier from inside out. Your lips are getting the collagen throughout not only on the outside but inside to. 

HOW TO USE: For best results use PrettyBabe’s lip scrub first, Apply lip plumper like you would your lip liner afterwards fill in the lips with plumper, leave for 20 min. You can either whip off the excess or you can leave it on for a glossy look, this can be applied as a lip gloss over lipstick or just on its own. 

This product can be consumed !!! 


* 100% NATURAL 


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