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Botanical Moroccan & Bentonite Clay Mask

Botanical Moroccan & Bentonite Clay Mask

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Looking to add a new staple to your Self Care Sunday regime? The Moroccan & Bentonite Clay Mask will help detoxify your skin, allows your skin to receive an ample amount of oxygen and will help fight inflammation!

Great for those with oily & blemish prone skin.


To make a single mask, use half a teaspoon of dry powder and mix into warm water until it forms a thin paste. Then apply to a dry freshly cleansed face. Allow mask to dry and rinse with cool water. 100mg

**Do not mix with a metal spoon, as the minerals within the mask will react. **

Follow up with one of our facial moisturizers

A friendly reminder to always patch test face products before applying to a large surface area of the skin. If the skin becomes irritated, discontinue use immediately.

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