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Botanical #No Filter Face Oil

Botanical #No Filter Face Oil

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Our Botanical #No Filter Face Oil is carefully formulated with skin loving oils, hydrolyzed collagen and our All Natural Pure Botanicals 300mg that will give your skin that boost of radiance it needs to have you feeling as confident as your favourite photo filter!

The Calendula Flower Extract will promote skin tightness, increase hydration, is healing while reducing inflammation which means it is great for acne prone skin. 

Those with oily skin should not shy away from this product.  Often times our skin is actually too dry so it over-produces oil to compensate, which in turn causes us to have oily skin.  This facial oil can actually combat your skin's natural oil production allowing your skin to become more 'normal' to 'combo'.

Rosehip Seed Oil moisturizes, brightens, fights acne and helps with anti aging.  The Evening Primrose Oil reinforces the skin barrier, high in linoleic acid, enhances skin texture and elasticity, soothes and helps with dryness and irritated skin.

Directions:  This Oil is best used at night and not recommended to be used under makeup.  If you will not be using foundation, use the oil during the day as it provides a fresh glow to the skin. Apply 2-3 drops to your entire face and massage using upward motions.  Allow the oil to soak in to prevent any transfer to pillow.  Follow up with a gentle cleanser the next morning.  For acne prone skin apply a few drops more and gently massage in a circular motion for 60 seconds, follow with a regular cleanser.

* 100% All Natural, Vegan, Cruelty Free, Handmade, All Skin Types




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