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Botanical Pet Rescue Tincture 300

Botanical Pet Rescue Tincture 300

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Our Pure Botanical Pet Tincture is made for Dogs & Cats.

Our high-quality Botanical Premium 100% all natural Oil is
expertly blended with premium 300mg Botanical extracts
for a powerful  experience. Our formula has no
additives, no impurities, no heavy metals this tincture is a
must have for any pet that suffers from the following:
Anxiety, chronic pain, treats seizures, increases appetite 
any kind of inflammation. This tincture could be helpful for
a number of ailments.
Your pets will love the purity and efficiency of our Pure
Botanical 100% all natural tincture.

I recommend giving your pet 1 full dropper every 12 hours for 7 days, closely observe your pets response. If there is no visible improvements after 7 days, administer dose 2 times a day.




ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: If your pet is taking any medications or supplements please consult their veterinarian first before administering.  Not all supplements can be consumed together.

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