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Ice Roller Tool

Ice Roller Tool

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Our Facial & Body Ice Roller is fantastic and easy and safe to use for anyone. This tool can be used as many times a day as you need, Simply leave ice roller in your skincare fridge or regular fridge/freezer. Before starting your skincare routine take out of fridge and use for:

1) Skincare - when you feel puffiness on the face and eyes,by gently using the ice roller on your skin, the frozen roller can quickly shrink pores and promote blood circulation. The puffiness of the eyes and face can quickly disappear, and the dark circles and bags under the eyes caused by poor sleep quality can be effectively relived.

2) RELIEF THE PAIN - Ice roller massager has a significant effect on the pain caused by migraine and muscle strain, and can calm the pain better and faster then an ice pack. For migraines, apply on the temples,forehead,above eyes and neck. For muscle strain,you need to slide the injured area back and forth and keep it cold for a long time. 

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