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PrettyBabe Cosmetics

PrettyBabe's Eyelash Cleaning Brush

PrettyBabe's Eyelash Cleaning Brush

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These tools are amazing they can be used for almost anything

Lash cleaning brush are soft and delicate and take off any kind of glue, magnetic liner, mascara, liner and eyeshadow .

This high-quality professional makeup brush helps you clean dirt, sebum, blackheads and makeup residue built up on lash. Deeply clean your nose, lip, eye area. Helps to reduce the appearance of problem areas such as: oily skin, blemishes, visible pores & blackheads. Perfect shape to grip comfortably in your hand. Enjoy the cleaning joy everyday!!!


1) Run the bristles of the makeup brush under warm running water.

2) Apply a small amount of shampoo to bristles and work into a light lather.

3) Rinse bristles throughly under running water. You will notice that the water leaving the brush is tinted from old makeup.

4) Continue rinsing until no colour leaves the brush.

5) Allow it to air-dry


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