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PrettyBabe Cosmetics

PrettyBabe's Yoni (Kitty) Spritzer

PrettyBabe's Yoni (Kitty) Spritzer

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Our Yoni Spritzer is a silky, moisturizing, absorbing mist made with all natural oils, herbs and botanicals that helps to create a friendly environment for intimate areas.  It prevents and absorbs perspiration and unpleasant odours with nourishing aloe vera to soften and freshen the delicate feminine area.  It's balances pH, is antibacterial,  eliminates itching and soothes leaving you feeling refreshed.  Our Spritzer is all natural, organic and vegan yet offers a fresh scent.

Directions:  Shake well and spray over the external vaginal area and/or panties.  Allow to dry for best results.

Ingredients:  Water, Aloe Vera, Radix Root, Sea Kelp Extract, Lotus Leaf Extract, Glycerin, Phenoxyethanol.  Scented with Lavender Distillate or Rose Distillate or Chamomile Distillate.


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