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Botanical Unicorn Glitter Deep Cleaning & Brightening Mask

Botanical Unicorn Glitter Deep Cleaning & Brightening Mask

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The crowd favourite glitter mask heats up your face while cleaning pores by pulling out all those unwanted toxins and impurities, while giving you a fun glittery look for your next Snapchat Selfie. 

Our glitter mask deep cleans unwanted gunk out of pores while also improving dull skin by bringing it back to its smooth and shining glory 300mg

Each face mask comes with an applicator brush.


1. Apply to cleansed dry skin using the brush applicator

2. Allow the mask to fully dry, about 20 - 30 minutes

3. Slowly pull the face mask off your skin or wash off with warm water. Leaving being a gorgeous glow and hydrated skin

4. Follow up with our Face Moisturizer.


A friendly reminder to always patch test face products before applying to a large surface area of the skin. If the skin becomes irritated, discontinue use immediately.


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